On the Move with Roy Yuan (Stanford Cardinal)

In our third 'On The Move with...' series we chat with D1 Stanford basketball player, Roy Yuan who is known for his impressive outside shooting. The Stanford Cardinal guard has his own YouTube channel: @thisisRoy, with views of 200k to almost 700k per video, documenting his life as a student-athlete studying computer science (5th year) at Stanford Univeristy while playing D1 basketball.  

  1. How did you get into basketball? I started playing basketball because I wanted to lose weight. I was a pretty chubby kid growing up, and all the sports I tried prior to basketball didn't seem to do it for me. The first time I played basketball, I sweat a lot so I stuck with it.
  2. What are your other interests? I like working on fun coding projects, meeting new people, and seeing friends! Recently I started to enjoy making Youtube videos.
  3. Where’s your favourite place you’ve travelled? Singapore, because it is really clean.
  4. Where do you want to travel next? Alaska. I want to go catch salmon. 
  5. What’s inside your travel bag? Usually 1-2 pairs of shoes, and the rest of the space is for clothes. My favorite shoes are Crocs because they are well ventilated. I also can store a lot of accessories like my charger, headphones, toothbrush, etc in the side pockets so it's really convenient for trips. 
  6. What do you love about your KXKS. bag? It looks nice and is very portable! I also like how it can fit a lot of stuff. KXKS. bags are very versatile. 
  7. What’s next for you? Graduating hopefully.

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